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Download MacLampsX 2.0SL ScreenShot
Download MacLampsX 1.2 (OS X 10.3.9 compatible)
Download MacLampsX 1.1.1 (OS X 10.2 compatible)

About MacLampsX

MacLampsX is a Mac OS X native app that is similar in function to Holiday Lights for Mac OS 9. Right. So, since many of you might not have ever met Holiday Lights, the idea is simply to draw strings of lights around the sides of your display. It gives it a touch of holiday cheer. Decorating for the holiday is always a fun thing to do.

Version 2.0 adds lots of new features like a screensaver with snow, support for multiple displays, a music player, and new bulb options to allow different sizes and animation patterns.

For those of you who haven't upgraded to 10.4, sincerest apologies. At this point I won't be able to make MacLampsX available for you. There ended up being a few features that I added that relied on technologies in Mac OS X 10.4. As such, I decided to go the whole hog - you'll find that you can't even mount the disk image in 10.3.9. Sorry!

List of Third Party Bulbs
How To Make Bulbs


  1. When I click the download link, nothing downloads. Instead my browser loads a page full of giberish. What should I do?

    Sometimes your browser will try to display the disk image instead of downloading it to disk. You should control-click on the download link and select the option to "Save to disk".

  2. Can I add bulbs to MacLampsX?

    Of course! You can install bulbs that you find, or you can make your own. Just double click the bulb file in the Finder, and MacLampsX should open and install it. If for some reason that's not working, you can install bulbs manually in "~/Library/Application Support/MacLampsX/" or in "/Library/Application Support/MacLampsX/" (you may have to create the MacLampsX folder).

  3. Where can I find more bulbs?

    Check the official MacLampsX Bulb Archive. It's kinda empty right now. You should make some bulbs and send them to me, so I can fill up the archive!

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Version History:

Version 2.0SL

Version 2.0

Version 1.2

Version 1.1.1

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

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